Location privacy bug in Apple iOs 13 impacts iPhone users

According to a Fast Company article, the recently launched updated Apple iOS 13 has a nasty location privacy bug in it. 

The Apple iOS 13, launched last week has a number of new  security and privacy features but as with all new operating system (OS) releases it comes with the need to iron out bugs. Especially with this release, comes a security flaw that allows the bypassing of the lock-screen to gain contact information by anyone using it.

Apple’s iOS 13 will allow iPhone users some control on how some Google and Facebook apps track your location on most of their apps but not all because of this nasty privacy bug.

What happens is that on certain apps, the iOS 13 is not regarding the location privacy settings, not accepting a ‘Never’ access location command, and will instead change it back to a ‘Ask Next Time’ command keeping the doorway open to access your location.

This bug, which has been reported to Apple, should be fixed along with other problems by Apple with the issuance of its iOS 13.1 release on Sept. 24, 2019.

Hacker John Opdenakker, says that iPhone users who do not usually give Facebook access to their location may not be happy with this bug but that its good to see Apple is on to this issue and will fix it shortly.

Both security researchers, Mike Thompson and Sean Wright agree that although it’s not great to launch a new version of the iOS with this bug, it’s good to know that Apple takes it seriously enough to repair it ASAP and that it does not appear to be an intentional flaw.

So what can you, the user, do? For one thing there is no need to panic as it’s a bug that can be fixed. Also, Wright says that you will be prompted every time you open the app which certainly is an annoyance, but he says, that its worth the few seconds of trouble, as the app will not be defaulting to sharing you location.

It is recommended by both security experts to just wait to upgrade your iOS 13 until Sept. 24, 2019 when not only will this location security bug be fixed but also a number of other fixes will be added to the iOS 13.1.

If you’ve already installed the updated iOS 13, then don’t forget to update to iOS 13.1 as soon as it is released.