Two glasses of soda a day can increase early death

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) on Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019, if you drink two servings of soda a day the likelihood of your dying sooner increases.

The study also shows that all sweetened drinks are really bad for your health and even artificial sweetened sodas are bad. If you drink two servings of artificially sweetened sodas per day your likely hood of an early death increases by 26%

The results of the study show a link between the consumption of sweetened sodas, whether artificial or not, to premature death but not as a cause, according to Dr. Amy Mullee, one of the study’s authors and a professor at the University College Dublin (UCD) Institute of Food and Health in Ireland, who wrote to the weekly political website, the Washington Examiner in Washington, D.C.

Mullee says there are other factors which may be involved but that the instance of high consumption of soft drinks is a marker for a person’s overall bad diet.

For instance sweetened drinks were associated with Parkinson’s and heart diseases while gastrointestinal diseases are tied to diet drinks that use low or no calorie chemicals such as sucralose, stevia, or aspartame.

The study did not only focus on regular or diet sodas. Their definition of drinks covered all fizzysoft drinks such as cola or lemonade and all low-calorie or diet fizzy drinks even fruity fizzy drinks.

This study is the largest study to date using data from people all over Europe: Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. It was an eight year long study from 1992 through 2000.

Though researchers found that there was a huge jump in the risk for premature death for both men and women who drank soda everyday they cannot definitely say whether or not obesity contributed to early mortality. However, the results suggest that the fatal effects of dying early with the daily consumption of sodas is independent of weight or mass body index.

This study published in JAMA contradicts an earlier study published last March in the journal Circulation where the risk factors for women were greater than for men. Women who drank two servings of a sugary drink per day were at a 63% higher risk for premature death while men were at a 29% increase of risk.