Are you ready for a can of Coke with coffee?

Apparently, back in 2006 in the US, we weren’t ready for a Coke & Coffee blend! Coca-Cola came out with a product called Coca-Cola Blak and two years later after it flopped. The trend into coffee like Starbucks had only begun back then and as Americans we just weren’t ready for the combo taste of Coke and coffee.

However, with the popularity of Starbucks and other coffee chains like it, coffee is now a powerful trend in America and more and more Americans are into their cup of java a day and paying the price for it too.

So, thanks to this, Nancy Quan, who is the company’s chief technical officer, says Coca-Cola is once again producing a Coke blend with coffee and calling it Coke Plus Coffee, however it hasn’t reached the US market as yet. This new product contains more real coffee with an additional caffein jolt. It’s pumped with more caffein than regular Coke.

For the time being though, Coke Plus Coffee can only be bought in Australia, Italy, Spain, Thailand and Poland, to name just a few countries but by the end of the year Coca-Cola will have it in a total of 25 international markets.

That’s because Coca-Cola isn’t entirely committed to bringing Coke Plus Coffee to the US but it is hopeful for its potential here. Probably due to its experience with Coca-Cola Blak, the company is easing into the coffee market trend with its cola/coffee product cautiously. It does believe that there is room in the US for its coke/coffee blend and Javier Meza, who is Coca-Cola’s global chief marketing officer of sparkling beverages, told CNN Business, that Coke Plus Coffee could be marketed in the US by next year.

Meza says that Coca-Cola takes every geographical market and evaluates them separately because it’s learned from past experience that what may work internationally may not work in the US.

In order for Coca-Cola to succeed it needs to keep on innovating its flagship product as it has with its cherry flavored Coke and the newest ones – vanilla and orange.  It also needs to compete in the areas of flavored waters and fruit juice drinks as well.

Last year Coca-Cola’s sales reached 15.4 billion in the US alone for carbonated drinks as reported by research firm Euromonitor International which is up by $1 billion since 2013.