Adults Are Playing Video Games Mostly On Smartphones And Spending Plenty On Them

Ipsos, a market research firm, recently did a market survey for the Entertainment Software Association’s (ESA) annual research which revealed that the average American video gamer is around 33 years old and does so mostly on a smartphone. These thirty-something gamers are spending big on content too, at least 20 percent more than a year ago and 85 percent more than four years ago.

ESA’s research comes at at a time when more American families are determining how to set the limits on their children’s love for gaming and how to  divide up their entertainment budgets during this time of having almost everything being able to be streamed to almost every electronic device they might own.

In 2018 more money was spent on content rather than hardware and accessories – almost $43.4 billion.  The top three on the list of most purchased ‘pay-to-play’ game units are Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Red Dead Redemption II and NBA 2K19.

Stanley Pierre-Louis, who is ESA’s acting president and chief executive officer. says that games are the leading form of American entertainment today because it strikes an important chord with its culture.

In the US, almost 65 percent of adults or 164 million people play games and more than 60 percent of them do it on their smartphones. Others play games on their computers or specialized consoles.

Surprisingly 46 percent of people who play games are females, but they prefer different kinds of games as compared to males, especially depending on their age. Younger females between 18 – 34 years prefer the top three leaders: Candy Crush, Assassin’s Creed and Tomb Raider and they play mostly using their smartphones. Males in the same age bracket, however, prefer to play games on consoles and mostly play games like God of War, Madden NFLand Fortnite.

In some of the other age brackets, like the Gen-Xers, who are now 40-54 years old, like to play Tetris, Pac-Man,Call of Duty, Forza”and NBA 2K. 

As for Baby Boomers aged from 55 to 64, the males prefer Solitaire and Scrabble while females like to play Mahjong and Monopoly.

Soon gamers will have more ways to play their video games because Apple and Alphabet will be launching their own programs this year

Apple will be launching its own gaming subscription service while Alphabet Inc.’s Google will be launching a video game streaming service later on this year.